Buhari Speaks On The Importance Of Nigeria’s Stabilizing Role In Africa

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The Nigerian president says peace and stability are central to the vision of Nigeria in Africa. Speaking after receiving a message from President Ibrahim Ghali of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) from a Special Envoy at the State House Friday, the president said peace and stability are central to the vision of Nigeria in Africa, adding that these were essential to security and prosperity in the continent.

He thanked the President of the Sahrawi Republic for the message he sent and gave an assurance that he will study its content and brief the in-coming President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on their concerns, urging the Special Envoy to make the effort to brief the in-coming President as well.

The Special Envoy, who is the current Minister of Diplomatic Affairs, recalled the role of President Buhari, in 1983 as Military Head of State as being the first African leader to recognise the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, paving the way thereby, for its recognition by the Organisation of African Unity, now African Union.

President Ibrahim Ghali

In his words, he said, “History will not forget your important role in leading the fight for African freedom using money, arms and diplomacy in the African Union and the United Nations to secure independence for South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia for, without this, these nations would not have been free.”

President Buhari accepted the request of the President of the Sahrawi Republic to participate in the inaugural events ushering in the new Nigerian President in May.

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