Drogba reiterates uniqueness of football in peaceful co-existence

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FIFA Legend and the World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Sport and Health Didier Drogba has spoken about football’s power to teach people from different backgrounds how to live together, the growth of women’s football and the need to create more opportunities for players in Africa.

The former Côte d’Ivoire and Chelsea forward was appearing alongside HRH Princess Reem Bint Abdullah Bin Mosaad Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Making Trade Score for Women! event which was held at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Football isn’t just about winning or losing, football is also about being a good person, learning how to live together, in a team full of different nationalities,” Drogba said. “For example, at Chelsea, I was playing with Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Ivorians, Ghanaians and we had to learn how to live together, to respect each other’s culture and play for the same badge. These are the values that you win and you learn when you play football. This is something all the kids should have.”

Turning to football in Africa, he spoke of the need to create the right conditions for players to develop. “I think we need to create opportunities in Africa, on the continent, give opportunities to kids, to have youth leagues,” Drogba said. “If you want to become a superstar, there are some stages of practice that you need to learn, and we don’t have that.”

He said that the African Super League, which is set to kick off later this year, would be a great opportunity for the continent to develop infrastructure and praised the FIFA President Gianni Infantino for altering perceptions of African football. “Since his election, he really changed the way we see football in Africa…Now, we see the economics, the development in terms of investments for companies into football.”

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