Bluesky Emerges as Another Twitter-Like Service

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Jack Dorsey is set to launch Twitter-like service with a new social media platform called Bluesky.

The service is gaining traction among Twitter power users, attracting prominent personalities including US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Bluesky is a text-focused social media service and was launched for select users in February. Users can post short messages of up to 300 characters, and pictures. There is no support for videos and direct messages, or DMs, so far.

Bluesky runs on a decentralized framework, similar to social network Mastodon. It allows users to build independent social media experiences and users can join a specific “server”, which has its own unique set of rules, interests and participants.

How does it compare to Twitter?

Bluesky offers a similar experience to Twitter — people create profiles and post short messages with text and images. On the timeline, Bluesky has “What’s hot” and “Following” feed, similar to the curated “For You” and the chronological “Following” feeds on Twitter.

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