WhatsApp rolls out new features with new Android updates.

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WhatsApp is reportedly planning to add several new features with new Android updates. These features include the ability to silence unknown callers, a new UI with a bottom navigation bar, creating single-vote polls, and more. While some of these features have only rolled out in the beta update for select beta testers, others updates have already been started rolling out globally. The instant messaging platform is testing a WhatsApp for iOS-like feature for Android apps, by placing the icons in a bottom navigation bar.

WhatsApp also announced a couple of more features like creating single-vote polls, searching for polls in chats using filters, and getting notifications when people vote on polls. Meta in its blog post said that the new updates for polls will help users gather data and make decisions conveniently. With single-vote polls, users will not be able to change their answers after deciding their vote on a poll once. Meanwhile, it will be easy to look for specific polls, just like images and videos, by searching for them using a filter. Moreover, a user can also get notifications whenever someone votes in the poll for keeping an easy tab on the results.

Furthermore, WhatsApp users will also be able to forward media with already-available captions or add captions to documents when sharing. Users can also add a caption to documents like a newspaper article or a working document before sharing. The features are rolling out globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.


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